Everything loads in miliseconds. Focus on your work and we take care of the rest.
Texts, files, images, links, to-dos, or anything - store all your resources in one single place. Easy to organise. Easy to refer back.
Open files with your favorite web apps or pro software installed on your computer right from our app. When you save, they are synced automatically. It just works.
Categories help you organise your files and it's the place where teams collaborate. It's the one place to manage permission centrally.
It's the most productive cloud drive ever created.
We call it Schema.
The ultimate knowledge hub.
It's lightning fast.
A new way to manage files.
Work with any apps.
Web or native.
Organise your work in categories.
Get things done fast
Our top of the class user design helps you focus and move faster than ever.
Use your own stack
We give you the infrastructure to use your best tools for the most demanding job.
Built for collaboration
Real time collaboration. Easy permission management. We've got you covered.
You are in good company
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